Securities Trading

We are your best choice with buying and selling shares of quoted and unquoted public companies, we are licensed with the sole aim of creating and managing wealth for all our clients. We have also developed an online trading application to help our client manage their portfolio and execute their trades seamlessly. 

LeadTrader Mobile & Portal

Take total charge of your trading ideas with the right tool, on the LeadTrader Portal you have varieties of tools to guide you towards success.

  • Track your portfolio, monitor the market, find trade ideas, and place trades
  • Search for and analyze opportunities with actionable research and stock picks
  • Get streaming real-time data including quotes and news
  • Monitor orders and get breaking news on your positions
  • Equities Trading
  • Market Information
  • Mutual Funds
  • Stock Analysis
  • Security


Certificate dematerialisation and lodgement into CSCS accounts, certicate recovery process and estate administration.

More Investment products

FGN Savings Bond

Subscribe to the monthly FGN savings bond and balance your portfolio for a fixed return


The LeadTrader PRO is a desktop-based equity trading platform for dedicated clients with certain trade volumes. It gives access to high-level order book management and different research and analysis tools to help make informed decision on every trade action.

*Note: You must be an existing LeadTrader client with certain volume of daily trades to be able to access the LeadTraderPRO platform.

Looking for a better trading platform? Let's work together!

We have the best OMS solution connected directly to the Nigeria Stock Exchange, with swift trade execution strategy and zero total downtime. We also keep our clients abreast with realtime market information to make infomred decisions.